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Führung Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Our Advantages:

Energy saving

Precision and energy saving servo system with optimized designed hydraulic circuit,the energy saving capacity is near with full-electric mahine.


You can always come back for seconds. Thanks to FUHRUNG modula design


We will custom-made your FUHRUNG according to your menu and necessary,and our wide range options nearly covered allof your necessary.


FUHRUNG not only has the near performance with world high level IMM,but also its price is easy affordable.


Easy for operation,convenient for maintenance.FUHRUNG makes everything easy.


More than 20 years experience in the field,and several years OEM experience for world famous brands IMM,FUHRUNGS series can serve you perfect performance and stability.

High speed

Fast response hydrauilc system,sensitive controller system,and the best optimized mechanical system,highly improved machine’s cycle time.