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Plastic Injection Mahcine

—— Smanl All-electric Injection Molding Machine

Function introduction:

1.According mechanical design principle,the five point toggle system is moving fast,stable and reliable;its position repeatability precision is within 0.05mm.

2.After finite element analysis,the clamping system has high rigidit and strength and guarantees the accuracy of platen parallel excellently.
All kind of curves display and inspection,modern production management and technology control

3.Top responsibility servo motor and bail screw is key element,origin Japan technology to keep advantage leading in the world.

4.Conpact and robust machine bed is high precision and minimum wear and tear on the mold and a long service time.

5.Ether CAT bus can integrated the controller,servo motor,intverter to share data in real-time and control with closed loop.

6.Professional controller for all electric injection molding machine has friendship human-computer interface, rapid and accuracy process control,easy operate,powerful function.