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DASS in 2019 K Dusseldorf

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Machine Viewing:

At K 2019 we exhibit both Horizontal and vertical tpye Rubber Injection Machine at the scene.

The Horizontal type with a clamping force of 1000KN featuring a brush system for easy and fast demoulding. Especially suitable for making parts withour insert. This machine comes with a more ergonomic working height. Material feeding port just right down behind the injection unit was easy to reach for the operation.


Another example from the vertical machine program is a C-frame machine with a clamping force of 400Kn. Its design concept makes this machine excellent in making samall parts.


●  Compact, fully hydraulic clamping system with low working height

●  Ergonomic strip intake access

●  Wide heating plates

●  Small footprint


Onsite Viewing:

We are happy to receive our partners coming afar and have a nice talking at the booth. DASS is a young but vibrant company that devoting to provide a more comprehensive pre and after-sales experience and professional whole package machine selection guidance for the customer.

You can experience the sufficient pre-sales machine selection guidance from ourside. Including machine tonnage selection, mold design suggestion,coldrunner and automation etc. The turn-key solution was designed according to customers actual production requirements.


K 2019 in Dusseldorf ended successfully, looking forward to meeting again in the next exhibition~


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